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      Sourcing Tips
      About GlobalMarket GroupMore ?

      GlobalMarket Group

      GlobalMarket Group is a leading business-to-business, or B2B, e-commerce service provider dedicated to certifying and connecting high-quality manufacturers in China to international buyers. Our industry-specific knowledge and expertise can help you avoid purchasing fraud in China and simplify the complexities of international sourcing. We specialize in providing sourcing services and solutions for products made in China in industries such as lighting, machinery and equipment, furniture, building and decoration, hardware and tools, automotive parts and vehicles, apparel and textiles, consumer electronics, home appliances, household goods and gifts.

      GlobalMarket has gained the trust of more than 1,100,000 buyer members, like GE, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Home Depot and Auchan. The vast array of purchasing services and sourcing solutions available from GlobalMarket can be the competitive edge you need to boost your business across the world.

      As the largest international B2B alliance in Greater China, GlobalMarket works with China’s leading export-oriented manufacturers, and authorizes the third party TüV Rheinland to audit onsite. Only qualified Chinese manufacturers are able to receive the GMC certificate, which helps companies as well as individuals find reliable Chinese suppliers. GlobalMarket’s member manufacturers include Midea, Galanz, Supor, TCL, Changhong and Chigo.

      With GlobalMarket, you can find the best manufacturers in China. These companies represent the top 100,000 Chinese manufacturers among a growing list of more than 42 million.

      Global Manufacturer Certificate (GMC)

      With the objective of letting Made In China Symbolize Excellence, in 2004, GlobalMarket established the standard of GMC (Global Manufacturer Certificate) to evaluate and screen manufacturers in China. Through the 8 GMC Benchmarks, which were developed after surveying approximately 20,000 global buyers, GMC is aimed at improving buyers sourcing efficiency while lowering their potential risks.

      For buyers, GMC offers:

      Sourcing Solutions

      To find suitable Chinese suppliers for global buyers, GlobalMarket is dedicated to offering integrated sourcing solutions that include business matching, sourcing events, search engines, sourcing catalogues, exhibition tour, product express, logistics services and other sourcing consultancy.

      Business matching is one of the most attractive solutions because it zeros in on the most suitable companies from an extensive database. With the 8 benchmarks of GMC, GlobalMaket’s Buyer Consultants will pre-match premium manufacturers and offer recommendations according to a buyer’s sourcing requirements. The consultants compile qualifying information such as a manufacturer’s product range, approvals and briefing and they create vender profiles that can give the buyers a clear view on what manufacturers might be best for them.

      Sourcing meetings with pre-matched manufacturers that can take place at any time and at any location, is a special express service to target Chinese manufacturers. With the implementation of a sourcing meeting, buyers can meet their ideal manufacturers in their own office at their convenience. With a tailored meeting arrangement, buyers save precious time and money.

      Video Conference (VC) is a low-risk and zero-cost sourcing revolution. With a microphone and webcam, buyers have direct access to GMC manufacturers via the Internet. The conferences offer buyers a chance to gain an overview of their target manufacturer before making a long, overseas business trip.

      After several years of development, GlobalMarket’s sourcing solutions have been progressively improving, and during that time, the company has been warmly received all around the world.

      Lighting Manufacturers

      Lighting includes commercial lighting, home lighting, LED lighting, lighting sources, outdoor lighting and components.

      Apparel Suppliers

      Find quality apparel manufacturers, apparel suppliers and apparel factories in China.

      Consumer Electronics China

      No matter the type—Communication, Computer, Home stereo—GlobalMarket can put you in touch with the ideal electronic supplier

      Made in China Gifts

      Find festive gifts for any occasion, including Christmas decorations, party supplies and decorative lighting.

      China Machinery

      GlobalMarket's machinery suppliers produce everything from roll forming machines to welding equipment to farming implements.

      Auto Parts Suppliers

      Find hundreds of auto parts, including electrical components and spare parts, as well as the factories that produce them.

      Chinese Home Appliance

      Access a large variety of home appliances, including blenders, bathroom scales and mini refrigerators.

      Building Materials and Finishes

      From building materials such as stainless steel panels to decorative moldings, GlobalMarket’s collection of manufacturers can provide the needed supplies for most construction projects.

      Furniture Suppliers

      Outfit your home furniture, hotel or office with everything from cocktail tables to leather sofas.

      Hardware & Tools

      Learn about Chinese Hardware and Tool manufacturers and their products, which include fasteners and fixtures, power tools and power tool accessories and utility knives.

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